Use the disposable EZ-360° to tackle tough athletic odors found in gym bags, lockers, and sports gear including skates and shoes! Our INTENSE fragrance eliminates even the toughest odors, while our other fragrances are designed to freshen your environment with Vaportek’s custom blend of aromas. The easy-to-use EZ-360° consists of a variable vented sphere housing and a special fiber element which h...
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Experience Our 3 Newest Fragrances!

We have been busy formulating new fragrances that feature an absolutely pristine SDS. No hazards, no precautions. All three of our new formulas feature distinct odor profiles and have been tested for strength of scent and duration. Contact us today to get your free samples of these innovative formulas and see how they can be incorporated into your routine. See our updated Fragrance Guide here. H...
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Seasonal Scents & Aromatherapy

In addition to our odor eliminating formulas (3X Industrial and S.O.S.), Vaportek offers other essential oil fragrances designed for aroma therapy and/or creating aromatic ambiance in residential, hospice, and commercial spaces.  Ask us about our line of aroma diffusers today! And see our Fragrance Guide for a list of available scents.
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Eliminate Organic Odors With Vaportek!

Since 1979, Vaportek has been the pioneering force behind essential oil, dry vapor technology.  Originally developed for use in cancer wards, our unique technology serves disaster restoration, medical, hospitality, hydroponic, athletic, automotive, pet, janitorial, and many other markets. We are also an international company with distributors worldwide. Vaportek’s dry vapor systems utilize natural...
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