Sachet & Disk

Passive, dry vapor system. Utilizes a special non-woven fiber element. Green velveteen bag (can be customized) contains a replaceable disk.

SCS Disk with sachet


#90-0931  Sachet w/ Disc
Must order minimum of 144. 

*Some restrictions apply. Quarter is featured in above image for size comparison.

Available Membrane Fragrances:

Fragrance Guide
Available in most fragrances featured on the guide.

*Classic Neutral recommended for most effective deodorization.

Quick Facts:

  • Effective for up to 30 days
  • Great promotional giveaway; custom print with purchase of 144 or more 
  • Biodegradable fiber disk contains 3g of oils

Product Ideal For (But Not Limited To):

  • Automobiles/Boats
  • Office Cubical
  • Drawer/Closet
  • Small Areas