Deodor Grans®

Dry granular odor control comprised of natural oils, citronella, and diatomaceous earth.

Deodor Grans with scoopDeodor Grans (2)

Deodor Grans

#90-7800  50 lbs. Box
#90-7820  15 lbs. Pail

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Quick Facts:

  • One scoop in an average sized dumpster will kill odors for 7 days
  • Does not support bacteria growth
  • Contains citronella oil to deter flying insects

Product Ideal For (But Not Limited To):

  • Dumpsters
  • Trash Cans/Compactors
  • Dock Areas
  • Storage Areas
  • Chemical Spills/Biohazarous Waste
  • Ash Trays/Smoking Stands