Several of Vaportek’s products require cartridges. Cartridges are filled with an essential oil membrane. The oils sweat through the membrane and are dispersed into the air as a dry vapor with the help of air movers or natural air current.
3X IndustrialNo Label Optimum cartridgeS.O.S.

Cartridges are to be used with our Optimum 4000, Restorator, and Restorator DUO systems.

High-Output 120-Day Cartridges

#90-4120 Series (12/case)

Fragrance Guide

Neutral Standard 90-Day Cartridge

#90-4090 (12/case)

Industrial Cartridges (Rated at 270 hours)

#90-5150  3X Industrial (12/case)
#90-5150-85   S.O.S. (Smoke Odor Solution) (12/case)

 *3X Industrial eliminates all organic odors. S.O.S. is specially formulated for smoke odors.